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I’m done with classes and final exams. I’m anxious to find out my grades but professors are extremely lazy because grades aren’t up yet. I feel overwhelmed because it’s hard to make sure I’ve said goodbye to everyone I know. I’m still a bit numb about the fact that I won’t be coming back to RIT and all.

I’ve been TRYING to pack….but haven’t accomplished anything. Nicole and I pretty much went through the apartment to divide our things up so it’ll be easier to pack when we leave. We just cleaned the kitchen and bathroom because her family’s coming tomorrow. My family’s not coming until Friday. Tomorrow is my last taste of college life and freedom.

I got a new tattoo. 4 stars representing the 4 men in my life who passed away: grandpa vik, grandpa peterson, step-grandpa ray, and tom. One star is not fully inked so I have to go back in tomorrow.

Zomer…happy I blogged now? ;-) I’ll blog more later for sure, but this week is just too crazy for me.

  • somer

    yes, i’m happy that you blogged but im not happy that you’re leaving. i can’t wait to see you tomorrow!
    and i dont know if i told you, but i love your tattoo! :)