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When going through the pictures last night – I realized I miss the wedding. The whole weekend. Everyone who came for our wedding. Everyone who was in it. The drama. Everything about it!

Thanks to Tyler’s mom for pitching in to help buy the CD (with our 400+ wedding pictures) and we will be getting it soon.


I’m really looking forward to having Amy live with us this summer. Nicole will be coming to visit in July and I am hopingthat the boys will live here for the summer too. It’ll be one of an experience with everyone being in the same city (other than Rochester) especially if we’re going to buy a house!

Trips I am expecting this summer. . . Las Vegas, Rocky Point (Mexico),and California.

I am dying to move out of our apartment but it’ll cost us $5,000 to get out of our lease. Patience is a virtue…only a few more months!

  • http://thosecorwins.com Steph

    Aww those pictures are so adorable! I love looking back at our wedding pictures too. It was such a fun day :)

  • amy

    *cries* i miss your wedding too. i miss how i didn’t fully appreciate my surroundings then and most of it was a blur too.

    but i will definitely appreciate spending this summer with you! i’ve spent the summer with nicole and isabelle around, your turn!

  • Leah

    I miss it too!! Such a wonderful, gorgeous long weekend. xo.

  • haley

    man, i wholeheartedly agree. it was a really fun weekend for me too. it was a joy joy joy joy.

    u have to come and visit me in socal later this summer yo. it’s your turn.

  • Nicole

    I always look back at the pictures and I miss it so much!! Since it was the best weekend I’ve had in the longest time!! SUMMER 09 I CAN’T WAIT :)