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We got a notice from HOA last month saying that we didn’t have enough plants in our front yard and that we needed to fix the issue within 10 days of the notice.

First of all, seriously 10 days? and seriously they had to send that to us NOW while we were in the middle of doing our backyard? Our front yard has looked the same for so long and now they say it’s a problem.

Don’t get me wrong…we wanted to add more plants in the front yard eventually but wanted to do the backyard first.

BUT we couldn’t just buy any plants we wanted to add to the front yard. HOA has a long list of plants that we are only approved to have. So we made a trip out to the nursery to buy plants from the approved list.

This is what our front yard looks like, promise you won’t laugh at how bare it is!

When we got home, we decided on where the plants should be in the yard then my dad and Tyler started digging. I went inside to do some work on the computer for a while and came out to the kitchen. The guys were sitting at the table all sweaty and drinking water. I asked them how it was going and they said they ran into a problem. As they were digging, they ran into a big rock and couldn’t get it out.

Look at Cheerio at the window! Isn’t he cute?

I joked that I could get the rock out by myself. They scoffed and continued talking while I went to see if I could do it. I kept thinking about how cool it would be if I really did to prove them wrong! I decided to dig dirt out around the rock and used the shovel to try pushing the rock up. The rock started cooperating with me!

The guys came out and were shocked. What can they say? I’m awesome and GIRL POWER!

The guys finished up and Tyler delivered the rock. We decided to keep the rock and it’s now in the front yard by the tree.

Stay tuned for how the front yard looks. We have been watering them as much as we can until we can get our drip system working.

But here’s a sneak peak of my favorite agave plant.

The colors are so pretty and it looks orange when we water it. Now it’s time to finish the backyard.

  • http://www.angelanoelle.com Angela Noelle

    Wow, that is NOT a lot of time!  I can’t wait to see the finished product :)

  • http://iamaportlandier.blogspot.com/ Brianna

    Wow that HOA is strict! I think your front yard looked ok before! Happy Planting!

  • ewiley

    That’s such a weird thing for the HOA to do. I can’t wait to see how it turned out though.

  • Megan Stephanie

    I would hate digging into that kind of dirt.. so dry and rocky.. GREAT JOB STEPH!! Way to show your woman power! haha <3 

  • Angie Vik

    I think your front yard looked fine. Someone’s got too much time on their hands to be counting how many plants homeowners have in their front yard.  Having a list of HOA plants is mind-boggling. I can understand an HOA wanting your front yard to be clean and well-maintained but it doesn’t seem right that they can tell you what kinds of plants to grow. Anyway, you guys always do a nice job with your projects so I’m sure your front yard will turn out great. Good job on getting the rock out.

  • http://hoperoth.com/blog Hope

    Go girl power! 

  • http://www.why-girls-are-weird.com Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird

    Yikes, that would not be good to dig in!