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Our town is flooded! Who would have thought that would happen in our town since this is Arizona…but at the same time it’s no surprise since we’re not prepared for this kind of thing anyways.

I was driving home from work and I was approaching the exit on the freeway when it started to rain like crazy and it was so windy at the same time making it impossible to see! The little mountain right off the exit was no longer a mountain. It was a mudslide coming down hard. I couldn’t really see and was just glad I was almost home. I almost hit a tree that had fell into the road. I got home and I waited a while trying to figure out how to quickly get out and into the house without getting soaking wet. All that thinking and planning was no good anyways.

There were helicopters circling the neighborhood since people were stuck in the flooding. We live behind a wash and we’re lucky we had no damage. Although I did find some broken roof tiles in the front yard so I’m not sure if it was from our roof or the neighbor’s.

What a mess! Tyler had to go out to retrieve our garbage can which was down the road and he decided to videotape his adventure outside. He came back in and practically flooded the entrance and told me to check out his video. It turns out that his video was only 2 seconds and it was of him inside and not even outside yet. Haha, poor Tyler! I got my fair share of stupidity though. I slipped and I think I broke my toe. Slipped? Yes, it’s slippery here when it rains. Water + Oil = slippery!

I think it’s interesting how I’ve never seen this many people outside of their homes in the summer and when our town is flooded…everyone’s outside.

  • http://hoperoth.com/blog Hope

    Yikes! I hope that everyone is ok!

  • http://www.why-girls-are-weird.com Krysten

    Yikes that’s scary!

  • http://www.decoybetty.com Deidre

    Wow! That is serious flooding – sorry about your toe! Ouch!

  • http://www.myeverydayadventures.com Jessica

    Holy cow that is crazy! Amazing pictures but scary, holy cow.

  • http://www.angelanoelle.com Angela Noelle

    Wow, that is nuts!!! I hope your poor toe is okay.