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Of course we were at our friend’s again this weekend to go swimming! Tyler had his iPhone with him in the pool but with the Lifeproof case on. It’s awesome but the only down side of it is that it’s heavy (obviously) and the pictures sometimes come out blurry or foggy. I used Photoshop with the pictures below.

My hubby (on the left) and our friend, Rahul. Laaadies, Rahul’s single!

Waterproof playing cards! They even float…awesome, huh?

My hubby with his cards underwater.

I hated all the underwater pictures of me so that explains why I’m not seen in any of these pictures. The boys aren’t good at taking pictures anyways.

This post is not affiliated or sponsored by Lifeproof. I was not compensated in any way for this post.

  • http://www.loulou.to Loulou

    What neat cards! Love them.


  • http://www.fabbrunette.com Margarita

    Those cards are awesome :)

  • http://www.why-girls-are-weird.com Krysten

    I totally need to get cards like that!

  • http://geeky-mama.com Cori

    I totally need a waterproof thing for my phone or camera. Also, I love plastic cards! We used to always have at least one set in the house for poker nights, because beer-logged cards are never fun to play with and there’s always going to be at least one person who accidentally tips over a drink (usually me).

  • http://theinbetweenismine.com San

    I nominated you for a blog award :)

  • http://tarasutherland.net tara

    Having a camera in the pool looks like loads of fun!

    I scuba dive – and photograph a lot. To keep the camera housing from fogging up, you need to make sure its dry and the same temperature as the water. Keep it in the shade or a bucket of cool water.
    If you can find a silica pack (like what you sometimes find in packs of dry noodles or handbag pockets) these will absorb moisture drops.

    Am hanging out for summer over here!!

  • http://www.thruerinseyes.blogspot.com Erin

    This looks fun! I didn’t know there’s cards like that.

  • Betty

    I have nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog award. See my page for contest details: http://bettyhoven.wordpress.com/2012/07/28/one-lovely-blog-award/