luxechandelieraboutMy name is Steph Anne. I’m happily married to my high school sweetheart and we live in Phoenix, Arizona in the suburbs and only 4 miles away from my parents. We love decorating & doing DIY projects. Our “home project” list is growing longer!

I’m deaf and proud of it. I can speak very well and hear very well with both my hearing aid and cochlear implant. Not only I am deaf but my sister is deaf too and both of our parents are hearing. My husband is hard of hearing but I pretty much think he’s hearing because I’m not sure what he can’t hear, haha.

I started up my own side business designing blogs/websites in 2009. The business grew over 5 years & I designed for clients from all over the world — New Zealand, Australia, etc. Eventually there was a high demand & I had no time for myself, my husband, family & friends — heck, even my blog suffered too. I made a tough decision to close the business so now I can re-learn how to cook, live life & move onto new dreams and maybe another side business in the future!