• twenty-eight. deaf. married to my high school sweetheart. decorating our first home together in phoenix. mama to cozy & cheerio. dreamer. web designer! more?

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Hi! My name is Steph Anne. I’m happily married to my high school sweetheart and we live in Phoenix, Arizona in the suburbs and only 5 miles away from my family. I’m deaf and proud of it. I can speak very well and hear very well with both my hearing aid and cochlear implant.

Tyler is my other half! We were together for 7 years before getting married. He proposed to me at the airport during my last year of college! Only after one year of planning the wedding we finally got married on November 24, 2008 at a beautiful mansion in Arizona.

We are proud to be the homeowners of our first house together! Four bedrooms & 2 baths… life is fabulous! One room is currently the office right now and the other 2 rooms are bedrooms. We have been busy unleashing our ideas into decorating it while we’re at it paying mortgage for 30 years.