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About Being Deaf

So So Deaf that I Need a Mapping Session

posted: 05.18.11 | 11 comments

I haven’t wore my cochlear implant for a month. It’s frustrating because I clearly need another mapping session. There are still sounds/things I can’t hear with it. I feel like there’s so much more background noise that I should be hearing with it and I’m not. I know this because I hear the background noise […]

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Questions about Being Deaf (Part 2)

posted: 12.13.10 | 10 comments

[ Here is Part 1 if you haven't read it yet. ] I was curious about your cochlear implants.  When did you get them?  How do you like them?  And anything else about them a hearing person might not get.  - E It was 2006 when I decided I wanted to get a cochlear implant […]

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Common Questions about Being Deaf (Part 1)

posted: 10.18.10 | 24 comments

Is Tyler deaf and how much can he hear? He’s hard of hearing….but honestly I don’t know what he can’t hear. He can speak very well, talk on the phone and does not wear his hearing aid. When I wear my cochlear implant there are some things I probably can hear better & more clear […]

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