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I’m Back!

November 9, 2014


I’m back! I’m no longer designing blogs & websites on the side anymore. The side business has completely taken over my life and you can imagine why the last time I blogged was last year. I have so many other dreams I’d like to accomplish since I’m not getting younger. Who knows…I’ll open another business in the future. For now it’s not for me anymore. I need time for myself, my husband, family & friends….and the blog too!

I’m excited for this new chapter of my life!

P.S. Is anyone still blogging? I’d love to hear from you.

Everything Else

Dry Shampoo Saved My Life

June 12, 2013

The title says it all! I never thought dry shampoo would work for me until my friend at work convinced me to try it. So I tried it and thought it was amazing! It took a while to get used to it and figure out what works best for me.

I even tried seeing how long I could go without washing my hair and the longest was a week. Amazing, huh? This has definitely saved me more time in the morning! It’d take forever to wash my hair, dry my hair then curl it. Now if I wanted to curl my hair…that’s all I have to do after using dry shampoo! Oh and the curls stay in all day long! That is a huge thing for me since my curls would be dead by lunch time without dry shampoo.

I use Dove Dry Shampoo and absolutely love it! I’ve tried so many different ones and found myself loyal with Dove. It makes my strands smell awesome!

In the morning I sleep in as much as I can then take a shower without getting my hair wet & washed. Before getting fully dressed for the day, I wear a tank top to avoid the mess since it can be messy when spraying dry shampoo. I brush my hair and if it’s really messed up then I’ll use the straightener real quick. After that I spray my roots and then when I’m done, I’ll quickly spray all over my hair. There’s always some areas where I’ve sprayed too much and that is when I see too much white powder so I use my fingers to massage my scalp to get it in and give it some volume. I leave my hair alone to let the powder sit in for a while. I’ve got no time to waste in the mornings so while I’m waiting I put make up on. When I’m done then I’ll lightly brush my hair and some powder will come right off which is okay.

See how easy this is and how much time I’m saving in the mornings! Such a wonderful thing for me since I’m not a morning person at all.

Do you use dry shampoo? If so, do you do it a different way and which product do you use? #addictedtodryshampoo and #yesijustusedahashtaginapost

Everything Else

My Vintage Fix

April 29, 2013

Oh, I love vintage goodies! Tyler and I went to the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market with some friends. It’s so much fun to get to see what other people created and be inspired. I bought some goodies but I didn’t go overboard and that’s a good thing. One of them is a vintage arrow sign and I can’t wait to share that with you!

Most of the time I was asking Tyler if I should get this and that and the common question I got back from him was, “where would this go?” Good question but I don’t care…I just want it and can always just store it in my junk until I figure out where to put it. :)