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Home Decor

DIY: Yellow Chairs with Polka Dots & Zebra Print!

posted: 09.10.13 | 7 comments

We were up in Seattle for a family reunion earlier this summer. While we were there we went through my grandma’s stuff at my aunt & uncle’s. It’s been 2 years since she passed away and we needed to go through her stuff to figure out what we all wanted to keep. I knew I […]

Tags: Home Decor

Dining Room Wall Collage

posted: 09.09.13 | 3 comments

It took me ONE year to finally finish the wall collage with the frames I bought from Cut It Out Already. I wanted the pictures to show color and incorporate some of our favorite things: water, beach, and our hometown Seattle. Now it’s done! It’s just perfect for everyone to see when they first come […]

Tags: Home Decor

West Elm Globe Pendant

posted: 07.14.13 | 4 comments

Remember the farm table and West Elm chandelier we hung up last year? It didn’t work out well when Christmas came because we wanted to put the Christmas tree by the window so we can see it all the time rather than have it in the other room where we’d never see it. So we […]

Tags: Home Decor