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Where the Grass is Greener

August 12, 2009

I would like to think that I live on the side where the grass is greener… not literally though since we live in the desert. The evenings and time spent at home and in the community feels well-spent as the time goes slow.

We were checking out what sports our community has to offer and kickball was one of them. It would be fun for Tyler to play and meet other people and I’d be the wife on the bleachers rooting on him.

Mom once told me about the old days when she just married Dad. She moved into Dad’s house in Seattle and a few blocks away was a baseball field where my Dad played baseball in the evenings. When I was a baby, Mom would take me to the games to watch him play.

If Tyler plays, then the only thing missing from the story will be a baby in tow. People have been asking us when we’re going to have children now that we just bought a house. It’s the perfect time to have children since there are a lot of children in our neighborhood. But we’re not ready just yet. Our house is our baby right now and we’re tending to it… painting, decorating, fixing some things and coming up with new projects.


hubby & his tools

Tyler getting ready to tackle the BBQ

This past weekend we started painting the family room and finally decided on a different color: chocolate froth. We love it and we still have a long way to go with painting. Since there is no dividing wall with the family room & kitchen we have to paint the same color in the kitchen throughout the house except the rooms.


before picture: bbq

My parents gave us their old BBQ

Tyler spent a lot of time on the BBQ scrubbing it clean and fixing it up and staining new wood a dark cherry color after I expressed my love for leaving the wood the way it looked. He said didn’t know the can he bought was that dark. Right…he knew. I know him very well. Although the BBQ now looks beautiful!


after picture: bbq

Now we have a nice BBQ!



We also scrubbed clean the table & chairs and spray painted them (they were white before)

patio & backyard

Now our backyard is 99.9% complete! (Hint: a pool someday!)

Home Decor

Finally Home Projects!

August 6, 2009


We moved! We didn’t even really start packing until the night before the big move. I tried staying organized so it would be easier to unpack but then when it came to the littlest things.. I gave up!

While going down and up to the 3rd floor, I dropped the coffee table on my foot. I was wearing flipflops….brilliant idea, I know. I expected to get an injury anyways since I always get hurt somehow whenever moving. Finally 4-5 hours later, I decided to take the cats with me and go ahead to the house. Both cats were meowing like crazy and Cozy would not calm down unless he was sitting on my lap. I got caught up in traffic so I texted Amy to let her know. They all went a different way and arrived before I did. Here’s a quick video of their arrival.

I have been recently overwhelmed with all these home projects. I should probably type up a list of things we want to do and do it one at a time. I love living 5 miles away from my parents. They have been giving us all the stuff they don’t want anymore. One of the things they gave us was their old outdoor table & chairs. Tyler scrubbed them clean & spray-painted them black.


This is the view we get from our backyard. There are little things I have noticed since living in our new house. My hair’s softer and I think it has to do with the water filter we have installed…even the cats are softer!! The time goes slow and I actually like that because I feel like I have more time at home after work. Last night a nice family down the street drove by in their golf cart and all of them waved at us. Tyler and I are in shock of how nice neighbors can be…because unfortunately we didn’t have nice neighbors at the apartment. We learned from our neighbors that our house has been vacant for 2 years & some college kids bought the house and only lived there for a few months…which explains why it’s still in good condition.

I promise I will get back to regular blogging next week.

Home Decor

On Our Way to Homeowners!

June 12, 2009


The Backyard

We got the house!!!!

Yesterday I received an e-mail from my Grandma and I was in the middle of typing an e-mail back to her explaining about our house search and I saw I had an e-mail from my Mom saying we got the house!!

BUT of course there was something else. Our realtor told us a new house just came on the market for 20k less than what we offered and it was bigger and on a cul-de-sac. My dad went over to check the house to see if he thought we would like it. It was nice but there were no appliances which we would have to get and the master bath was smaller. The house that is soon ours already has everything!

I am hoping we can close at least a week before our apartment lease is up (mid-July) so we have time to move in. The bank seems like they want to close as soon as possible too so that’s a good thing.

I can’t wait to start all these home projects – I have so many ideas!

Thank you all for crossing your fingers, limbs, everything else for us! :)