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Home Decor

cozy in the basket

Where the Grass is Greener

posted: 08.12.09 | 10 comments

I would like to think that I live on the side where the grass is greener… not literally though since we live in the desert.┬áThe evenings and time spent at home and in the community feels well-spent as the time goes slow. We were checking out what sports our community has to offer and kickball […]

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Finally Home Projects!

posted: 08.06.09 | 9 comments

We moved! We didn’t even really start packing until the night before the big move. I tried staying organized so it would be easier to unpack but then when it came to the littlest things.. I gave up! While going down and up to the 3rd floor, I dropped the coffee table on my foot. […]

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On Our Way to Homeowners!

posted: 06.12.09 | 11 comments

The Backyard We got the house!!!! Yesterday I received an e-mail from my Grandma and I was in the middle of typing an e-mail back to her explaining about our house search and I saw I had an e-mail from my Mom saying we got the house!! BUT of course there was something else. Our […]

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