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Home Decor

West Elm Paper Cones with a Mirror!

May 15, 2011

So let’s talk about our faux fireplace! I’ve been longing to hang something up above it but nothing came to mind until last week when all of my creative juices were pouring out! I wholeheartedly blame it on pinterest and having a new co-worker at work who loves doing DIY projects too.

I have a tall stack of magazines…mostly West Elm magazines. I didn’t know what to do with them but couldn’t bear the thought of throwing them out. All of their pictures and products are so pretty! I decided to rip out my favorite pages and then Tyler rolled them up like cones. We had a whole bunch of heavy poster boards from college so we cut it in a round shape. Then I hot glued the cones on on the edges.

We made a trip to Michael’s and bought a 12′ x 12′ mirror for $5.95 which is pretty much the only thing we spend on this project since we had everything else. And no, that’s not a baby cry signaler in the background if that’s what you were thinking. It’s a doorbell signaler so when someone rings the doorbell, the light will flash since I can’t really hear it. So anyways, Tyler hung it up by nailing it in before we put the mirror on which we used really heavy duty double-sided tape from Home Depot.

I looooove it! I know the mirror isn’t centered but whatever, I love it that I could care less about the position of the mirror.

Our faux fireplace for the Spring/Summer! See those fillers? Those took forever to make with styrofoam balls and hemp twine. It was worth it because there’s no way I’m buying $15-$20 for just 4 of them when I can make them myself.

We have our sand unity vase on top of the fireplace and I don’t like how there’s no cover for it. So I made a little felt flower and put it on top for now.

We had another vase to use so I thought I’d use more paper cones but with bright colors this time.

I love how we made sure that ‘West Elm’ was going to be visible when we did it cone style.

I’m on a roll here with projects!

Home Decor

All You Need is Hearts & Pennies!

May 5, 2011

Inspired by Flower Patch Farmgirl

Once I saw Flower Patch Farmgirl’s post, I knew I wanted to try this. I needed a break from being on the computer and watching TV. So this was the perfect solution!

Now all I had to do was find something pretty to cut up. I then remembered that I had books from Sabrina Ward Harrison that I bought a few years ago. Without any hesitation, I torn out my favorite pages. It was either making my wall pretty or just keeping the books stored in the closet. I chose to make my walls pretty of course!

I didn’t have a heart punch so I went with the manual method of folding and cutting heart shapes myself. I put them together and taped it together on the front and back. Once I finished that, Tyler hot glued the pennies on for me.

Now I wanted these to go up on the wall where there is an intercom which makes it kind of hard to decorate around an intercom. So that’s why that wall has been neglected until now. So anyway, we did it the old fashioned way and taped them to the wall since they were not that heavy. After all…a penny weighs somewhere between 2 to 3 grams.

This project only cost me 15 cents….sweet!!! ;)

Home Decor

Our House in the Suburbs!

April 26, 2011

Welcome to our house!

Sigh. I know, we have a foosball table in between the dining room and living room.
I wish the foosball table was at least pink or something like that.

The entrance area on the left when you walk in

Dining room / living room

Living room where Tyler currently plays Xbox

This is my favorite part of the house!

Hallway to the laundry room, guest room and another guest room that is currently occupied (roommate). That sign on top is hard to read but it says “the field of dandelions”.
I plan on doing something different with this but this was for our guests last year.

The guest room and the theme is polka dots!
Some day I’m going to make it so pretty like my aunt & uncle’s polka dots room.

We just got the body pillow not too long ago from WalMart and
we got our fitted/flat sheets from my aunt & uncle.

The TV and dresser in the guest room. I’ve had that dresser since I was a teenager.
I hope to sand & paint it soon.

The bathroom that has access from both hallways

The view of the bathroom from the other hallway

This is what Tyler had to do when I told him to get out of the picture.
He wants me to tell you that I didn’t have to photoshop his guns. :)

The office which you see my pretty desk first thing when you walk in!

Tyler’s desk.. I can’t stand all the wires!

I love the starfish canvas that I did last year

We have big plans for our office (hint: one long desk instead of two)

The kitchen

Kitchen / nook area

Family room / nook area / kitchen

Nook area / family room

Family room

Faux fireplace

Faux fireplace / entertainment center

Master bedroom (not current since we just bought a new mattress – upgraded from queen to king!)

Backyard (still dreaming of having a pool someday)

Of course we still haven’t finished decorating the house. We have a lot of years left to pay mortgage so we still have time.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of our house. :)