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Finally my new office / girl cave is done! I decided to go with a really light blue/green-ish color (sorry, I cannot remember the name! We used up the whole can so we don’t have it anymore) since the office is small and I wanted to keep it bright & fresh.

Check out the mustache on the wall! We bought scrap of wood from Home Depot and printed a silhouette of a mustache and taped it on so the mustache part would still remain unpainted. A friend of mine didn’t want the mirror anymore so she gave it to me. I was more than happy to use it for the office!

We put two lack tables together which we were inspired by Young House Love’s new book!
I also bought a new Alex drawer unit with 9 drawers from IKEA for all of my supplies.

Expedit shelf from IKEA & the white chalkboard frame was purchased from the vintage market here in Phoenix a few months ago.

Life is a Beautiful Ride poster from Etsy.

Moose & owl hooks from the vintage market. Aren’t these cute?!

I was inspired by Made By Girl’s paintings and decided to do paint over an old canvas.
It’s not perfect but who cares, it looks great in the office!

Earlier this month I decided that I had enough with the carpet in our house. I truly hate it.

The picture doesn’t really show how ugly it is because I was always trying to lighten it up with Photoshop. It’s definitely not the carpet & flooring that I would have chose. We really want to take the carpet out of the family & living room and replace it all with hardwood floor and only have carpet in the bedrooms. I did some research and it turned out the hardwood flooring that we want is way more than we can afford right now. So we agreed to replace the carpet now and worry about the flooring later and when I say that…I mean in like in 10 years.

I didn’t want to figure out which carpet to get especially with how small the samples are. I really love the carpet that Katie has which is Martha Stewart’s Winterthur in Ash Bark. I fell in love with it and so did Tyler! Whoop, easiest decision made and off to Home Depot we went.

It took a while to get it ordered since we had to have them come out and measure. When we went back to Home Depot, we realized the total was $600 more than we expected. We talked to the same guy that we were working with. He was able to discount $300 from the total for us. It was nice though since installation was free. Our total came at around $3,700 which left us with a lot of extra carpet that we have stored in our garage.

Cheerio pretty much photobombed all of the pictures that I took of the carpet.

I am in love with our new carpet and it just feels like we’re in a new house now! And yes…. no shoes on my new carpet! My dad already broke this rule day #1.

Tyler and I made peanut blossoms the other night. I’m grateful to have a husband who keeps me company in the kitchen, unwrap chocolate kisses and put them on the cookies.

I can’t believe I’m 28 today. Only 2 years closer to 30. That’s not good. Where did all those years go? People stopped asking me how old I was at 21. I know I’m still young but dang…the years need to stop flying by! I still have so much I want to do before I turn 30. I better get started!

And it’s true…I broke my mom’s tailbone when I was born. Very fitting since I was a pain in the butt when I was a teenager. I love you, Momma! Thank you for putting up with me even on the 1st day.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous week and finished all of your christmas shopping because the idiot I am, I waited until the last minute like I always do every year.