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I really wanted our photos taken this year for our holiday card by a photographer I know but of course she’s so talented and couldn’t squeeze us in her schedule. Another friend wanted me to take their pictures so I agreed only if she would take pictures of us too. So I went crazy and brought a lot of props! Small christmas trees, christmas lights, ornaments and some other stuff. It was fun to play a photographer for a day. I admire all of my photog friends since it’s a lot of work making sure you get enough photos and all those time spent editing them.

I just received our holiday cards overnight from Mpix and I love them! Now I got to work on mailing them out then I’ll share the pictures on here.

By the way…look at Cheerio in his new pajamas! I promise you I’m not that crazy. :)

P.S. Check out my new blog design!

I’m back! I’m sure I’ve lost followers since it has been forever since I blogged. If you’re still here, I wuv you!

I’ve been keeping myself busy with designing websites and a few weeks ago I went to the Trunk Vintage Market in Phoenix. I even bought some goodies mainly for my new girly office. Note the cute hooks in the picture above. I can’t wait to finish decorating it to share with you!

Last month I discovered a new love for dry shampoo! Now I can’t live without it. I use it almost every day. I love how my curls stay in all day. Seriously…if you haven’t tried dry shampoo yet. You must!

My parents had their backyard done and even got a new hot tub. This is the coolest hot tub I’ve ever seen! Now I give up on our backyard….there’s no way it’ll ever look better than my parents’ new backyard.

It feels good to be back on here! Please be patient with my blog since it’s outdated and needs some tweaking and a new look which will happen in the next few days!

Tyler and I had fun creating fonts this afternoon after seeing Elsie’s post about the iFontMaker app. I love her fonts and ours are nowhere as cool as the fonts she created. It’s not free though. $6.99 for the app and it’s totally worth it!

The second font that Tyler created (on the right) is Tyler’s favorite. He spent more time into that one.

I did my own font too! I’m addicted and can’t stop making fonts now! You can even download other people’s fonts from the gallery on iFontMaker. You have the option to publish your font onto the gallery or just keep it to yourself.

Obviously we’re just kidding with the prices. Here are our fonts to download if you’re interested {Tyler, Tyler2, StephAnne}. Now you all have to do this and I’d love to see the fonts you come up with!