Sunday Funday – Making Fonts!

October 28, 2012

Tyler and I had fun creating fonts this afternoon after seeing Elsie’s post about the iFontMaker app. I love her fonts and ours are nowhere as cool as the fonts she created. It’s not free though. $6.99 for the app and it’s totally worth it!

The second font that Tyler created (on the right) is Tyler’s favorite. He spent more time into that one.

I did my own font too! I’m addicted and can’t stop making fonts now! You can even download other people’s fonts from the gallery on iFontMaker. You have the option to publish your font onto the gallery or just keep it to yourself.

Obviously we’re just kidding with the prices. Here are our fonts to download if you’re interested {Tyler, Tyler2, StephAnne}. Now you all have to do this and I’d love to see the fonts you come up with!

Home Decor

DIY Photobooth Style Pictures

October 22, 2012

I’m addicted to Pinterest! I’ve been seeing a lot of pins lately of people using engineering prints. Everyone was raving about how cheap it is to get 36 X 48 black & white engineering prints printed at Staples. So I knew I had to do this!

Tyler and I took pictures of each other then did Cheerio’s and picked our best ones and figured out the order that we wanted them in. I did all of this in Photoshop then sent it to Staples online. We picked it up within the hour. It only cost us around $7 with tax. What an amazing deal!

The best part was that Home Depot was just next door. We went and bought plywood, spray paint and 3M 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive for around $13.

Tyler spray painted the plywood pieces black after we cut them up (12 x 48). We cut up the pictures then used spray adhesive to put them on. We put another picture on the back of the board to try mod podge to seal the pictures. They didn’t turn out good at all because of the texture of the plywood. We just decided not to seal them as they look good already.

We hung them up in the living & dining room. We still have some more things to do in these rooms anyways. I love it! It’s pretty much the first thing people will see when they walk in.

Everything Else

Our Cruise Trip!

October 7, 2012

It has been a while since I blogged. Life got really busy when we got back from our trip.

It was a much needed trip and I was so excited to be able to just relax for a week without technology. We flew to Long Beach, California the day before our trip. We spent the day with my childhood friend that we haven’t seen since our wedding day. It was so much fun hanging out with her going shopping and to Huntington Beach.

We got up bright & early the next day! We got there and wow, I didn’t realize how long the lines would be and everything. Lucky for us, we were VIP because I’m deaf and had interpreters for the trip. We still had to wait in a line but it was much better than the other line. We finally got on the ship! We were so excited that we didn’t know what to do, haha.

I was so impressed with how nice everyone was on the cruise. Even the crew were happy at all times. People were smiling everywhere and talking to strangers left and right. It was awesome! That’s what I loved about the trip!

We went to the guest services counter and met our interpreters. They were really nice and we loved them which made the trip even better! They had a “special phone” with them at all times so if we needed them then all we had to do was go to the guest services counter or call them and then they would call the interpreters. We tried planning the night before for the next day’s event so they’d have time to prepare for the event that we wanted to go to. We didn’t really need them during the day but we did go to almost every show in the evenings. Sometimes we ran into them throughout the day and hung out with them. We even told guest services that we wanted them to go with us on our shore excursion in Puerto Vallarta to the beach hideaway. Carnival paid for them to come with us so that was pretty cool!

Even the interpreters told us that the cruise director kept asking them if we were having a good time and wanted to make sure we were okay. So one night we came back to our room and found this in our room from the cruise director!

We did a lot on the cruise! It was fun being “stuck” on the cruise and just trying new activities because we had time. The time went really slow on the cruise which was more than fine for me! Probably because we were up early and going to bed so late, haha. Tyler loved the food and all of the endless options we had. It was fun being able to just try new food and if we didn’t like it, we could order something else for free.

We had 2 days in Cabo. The first day we were in Cabo we had a shore excursion planned to do dune buggy. That was so much fun! It lasted for about 3 hours on the beach by the ocean.

The 2nd day in Cabo we didn’t have a shore excursion planned so we just walked around in Cabo for a little bit. It was so hot & humid! We went back on the ship and saw that the spa were having a huge discount while at port so I literally had to drag Tyler to the spa with me and do a couples massage. It was our first time and it was heavenly awesome!

Our next stop was Puerto Vallarta and it was raining in the morning when we got there. Our shore excursion was to go to a beach hideaway. We got a boat with the group and it was a 45 minute ride to the hideaway. The crew did an amazing job at keeping us entertained with drinks & dancing at the front of the boat.

We got there and the beach hideaway was gorgeous! We had the beach to ourselves. We ate lunch that was served then went to take pictures with the parrot & monkey.

The sun finally came out at the perfect timing when we went to the beach.

There were so many activities to do on the beach: paddle boarding, kayaking, scuba diving and interaction with the sea lion where I got a kiss from the sea lion!

We wish we had 2 days in Puerto Vallarta instead of in Cabo. We heard a lot of other people did too. I think there were a lot more fun shore excursions in Puerto Vallarta and we only had 1 day.

We had 2 formal nights on the ship. It was so much fun dressing up and having pictures taken. By the way….the pictures that they take of you on the ship is ridiculously over-priced! If you don’t want to buy them then they have a garbage can to throw them away which is so stupid. They actually print out all the pictures that they take and put them up in the gallery for you to see and decide if you want to buy them. Obviously we weren’t allowed to take a picture of them but we managed to take one.

We saw a girl get busted for taking a picture in the gallery and they made her delete it. I’m so glad we didn’t get caught, haha.

These two cleaned our room all week. They were so nice & always smiling. They would walk up to us and even make conversation with us. Tyler really liked the guy and would walk all the way down the hall to just say hi to him. He even told us one night that he was really tired because he only had 1 hour of sleep. We made sure we tipped them throughout the week.

After this formal night on Friday night, our vacation pretty much ended right there since I got sick in the middle of the night. I was up all night throwing up & with montezuma’s revenge. I was careful with what I ate in Mexico and I guess it got to me anyways. Some other people we got to know on the ship were sick too. I thought it was over in the morning on Saturday but boy, I was wrong. I couldn’t eat or keep anything down. For a split second, I thought about jumping off the balcony to end it all.

Despite getting sick on the cruise, it was a great trip! Tyler and I are going through cruise withdrawal. We miss all the nice smiling people, leaving our plates behind and not having to put them away and having our beds made and ready for bed. Now back to reality. :)