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I bought awesome frames back in February and ummm… it has taken this long for Tyler (yes, I blame him) to finish spray painting them and hopefully we’ll get them up on the wall this weekend. We got the frames from Cut It Out Already and their prices are amazing so we got a bunch! I’m pretty sure I’ll be ordering a lot more later.

We had a small gathering at our place on 4th of July since we all celebrated at the park with fireworks on the 3rd. We did some small fireworks in the backyard but whoops, we did one way too close to the house. Lucky no damage!

Our friend’s parents had a pool built in their backyard and finally it was done earlier this month. We were there for the grand opening and I told him we’re going to be there every weekend whether he likes it or not. It’s so much fun doing the things we used to do when we were kids…playing the deaf version of marco polo (splashing water at the person who’s it), tea parties at the bottom of the pool and races. I bought Tyler the lifeproof iPhone case so we can take pictures and videos underwater. That would have been so much fun to have when we were younger for sure!

I went to Morgan Hill, California last month for a good friend’s wedding that I was in. Morgan Hill is about 30 minutes south of San Jose and it is very gorgeous with tons of wineries!

Tyler was originally supposed to go with me but we decided it would be best if he stayed home with the furry ones and to save money. He had to work on Saturday anyways.

Can you believe that we’ve been together every single night since we got married in 2008!? It was our first weekend apart. It turned out great anyways since all of my girlfriends (and sorority sisters) were there so it was pretty much a girls’ weekend. I also think Tyler had a blast without me at home. ;)

I love this shot that I got of the bride getting her makeup done. I was secretly trying to be a photographer.

The bride opened a bottle of champagne and guess where the cork went? Not kidding!

The bride & groom had an amazing photobooth (La PhotoBooth) at their wedding. We were pretty much there all night taking pictures.

The picture above was of us jowling (definition: the violent shaking of one’s head side-to-side in order to obtain a photograph of one’s face distorted from the intense side-to-side motion). If you haven’t tried jowling… I highly recommend it! It’s so much fun!

Of course the weekend went by so fast. I wasn’t ready to leave. It was so great seeing all of the girls again after 4+ years of not seeing each other. It sucks that we live all over the country.

Saturday night we had dinner at my parents’ house with family friends. They were leaving and since it was already late, Tyler and I were thinking about leaving at the same time but we decided to stay a little bit longer.

This is where everything changes just because we decided to stay a little bit longer….

So we were hanging out in the backyard and a few minutes later everyone (except me) heard a loud crash. The boys ran out the front door while my mom and I followed. Cheerio was freaking out so I scooped him up before I headed out the door. I saw Tyler pointing up the street at a car then I looked over and saw a car in a driveway across the street then looked over and saw that my car was NOT in the place I parked it in!

Another neighbor ran out seconds before us and was speaking with the driver. It appeared that the door would not open because the neighbor was trying to open the door from the inside. The driver finally opened the door and said she needed to be with her boyfriend.

Like seriously this isn’t a busy road and it’s up a hill and my car was parked near a street light so HOW DID SHE HIT MY CAR?! The speed limit is 25 and there was no way she was going 25.

She had no shoes on. Our first reaction was that she was drunk because of her behavior and eyes. She started walking around then started walking down the hill. My dad kept telling her that she couldn’t leave the scene and that she will get arrested if she does. She ignored him and said that she had to go to her boyfriend’s house and kept on walking. I told my mom to go with them since I didn’t want the driver to lie later and say that my dad assaulted her or something. So my mom went with them.

Finally the cops came. My parents waved at the cops and pointed at her so they knew that she was the driver and left the scene. So they questioned her and my parents walked back up to be with us. Tyler then decided to go down to the bottom of the street to find out more about what was happening. The cops let him stay and listen to them. Basically she kept telling the cops that she needed to go to her boyfriend’s and the cop told her that she was not going anywhere. She then blamed me that my car was parked illegally and that she has information that I’m not allowed to park there after midnight. First of all, it was 10:45PM and not even almost midnight. The cop told her that it didn’t matter and still did not give her the right to hit my car anyways. They arrested her and put her in the car.

The firetruck and another cop came up the street to the scene. They said that she didn’t have an ID on her. I texted my sister and Rahul who both left minutes before the accident and they both came back.

We cleaned out my car since it was not drivable even though it doesn’t look too damaged compared to her car. The cop asked my parents to fill out a paper giving their statements since they were witnesses. My mom called our insurance company for us to arrange a rental car and get a tow truck to come.

The cop told us that it was a rental car that she was driving. Apparently her Mercedes car got rear ended two weeks ago. So that was a good thing to hear because that meant she had insurance. He also told us that she wasn’t drunk. So we waited around outside for the tow trucks to come and to warn cars that were going through.

We finally got home around 2AM after my sister gave us a ride.

Yesterday my dad picked me up to do some errands while Tyler went to his soccer game. We were at the grocery store and guess who we saw? the lady with her boyfriend. She didn’t see us. Thanks to Google, I know where she works and lives. She practically lives up the street from my parents’ house and offers healing services.

So right now… that’s all we know. We suspect that now that she wasn’t drunk…she was obviously high or on something else. Also I mentioned that when we first all ran out to see what happened, I didn’t see her headlights on. So I’m assuming she didn’t have them on. But she still should have saw my car since it was by a street light anyways.

What a mess and this is seriously the last thing I need right now. Don’t get me started on the rental car that I got this morning… a Chevy HHR wagon. I seriously felt like I was driving a hearse. No offense if any of you have this car. Anyways, that’s for another post.

So after all this drama…my mom looked at me and said, “you got to blog about this!”